HERNO Professional Fitness Co., LTD.  is a professional manufacturer specialized in offering a wide variety of sports equipments, with the main focus being on fitness & yoga goods. From ankle or wrist weights and weight vests, to gloves and exercise mats to begin with, we always make sure our customers have all the props they may need while achieving their sport goals. Doing so over the years, we proved ourselves to be among leading manufacturers in China.


Many successful experiences speak for themselves; we have clients that remained loyal to the brand within the course of 30 years, and we never get short of newcomers. We believe it is due to our ever lasting awareness of a wide range of different needs our customers and clients may have, which is why we offer products for every age, body type or shape.










Our business philosophy is based on continuous providing of high-quality products at a reasonable price for customers. And that is where customers trust comes from: because despite ever-changing trends and needs in the industry, one thing we never change is our main philosophy that is designed to please you, people we do what we do for.



Part of this philosophy is our occupation with the comfort we provide our end-users with. That is why our products above all are soft, comfortable and made by the best ergonomic design. We take it as our main responsibility to provide our customers with the best possible equipment they can have to maximize their performance.



Our product vision helped frame our thinking from the outset: we are determined to create a better tool which will help people develop healthier thinking habits. Through continual rounds of product development, user validation and learning, we co-created a brand which benefits people not only when they’re starting from the zero points, but also when they want to improve their already great results. At each stage, we helped people keep their fit body by using a good sport products which not only better their results but also help them keep in a good shape.



We are also no strangers to keeping up with new designs and fashion styles. We are always on a mission of giving you the full package, where quality, comfort and aesthetics meet.



Moreover, we are open to new ideas you may have on what direction our brand should take in the future and we would love to cooperate with you.

Our company’s products are mainly exported to America, Japan and Europe, but they can be found worldwide.


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