• WHATEVER BE YOUR SIZE ANKLE AND WRIST WEIGHTS IS JUST RIGHT FOR YOU - This ankle and wrist weight is your all-day companion either you are exercising indoor or outdoor. The pair of weight set weighs 10lb i.e., 5lb each and are conveniently movable.
  • PROVIDES SAFETY DURING NIGHT TIME - The ankle and wrist weight is supported by a reflective line which glows in dark. They provide you with extra safety during night time as they reflect when light falls on the reflection line.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP ANKLE AND WRIST WEIGHTS FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND KIDS - The weights can be put on hands or legs while walking, running, exercising or dancing to boost calorie-burning. The Adjustable strap which is suitable for the usage of various sizes.
  • SOFT AND DURABLE MATERIAL - These ankle and wrist weight have a longer life because of their reinforced stitching and neoprene padding material.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY - The easygoing and powerful sweat absorbent material keeps your body protected against itching and redness of skin. So, you can use these ankle and wrist pads on your legs and hands even for long hours safely.

SHOUNG Reflective Ankle Weights 10 LB

SKU: SH-1039

    • Pink  (2 X 0L.5lbs. each)
    • Fuchsia  (2 X 1lbs each)
    • Red  (2 X 1.5lbs each)
    • Aqua  (2x 2 lbs each)
    • Green  (2 x 2.5lbs each)
    • Purple  (2 x 3lbs each)
    • Blue  (2 x 4lbs each)
    • Black  (2 x 5lbs each)
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